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Booking Procedures

Our Customer Service Department receives bookings either through the phone or by e-mail.

By phone, please dial 020 8365 8888
By e-mail, please address to bookings@euromed-uk.com

The following information is required in preparation of our shipper's booking note when you place your booking:

  1. Name of Shipper – Important to provide detail of the ultimate shipper and to be as specific as possible.
  2. Name of Receiver.
  3. Type of Service Required Full Container Load (FCL) or Less than Container Load (LCL).
  4. If LCL cubic measurements are needed – this is the length, width and height of the cargo in metres or centimeters. The weight in kilograms is also required.
    If FCL Size of container – once again you will need to measure or estimate the cubic measurements of your cargo in cubic metres and provide an estimate of the weight in kilograms. To assist you with determining the correct container for your cargo, please click on this link.
  5. For perishable cargoes we would recommend Reefer Containers and can discuss this with you separately, since we will need to know the Reefer container Temperature Setting.
  6. Dates and Times of when goods are required for collection and an approximate indication of when the goods are required at the final destination (particularly important for perishable cargo).
  7. The Commodity to be shipped.
  8. The Destination Port where the cargo is to be discharged is essential for the preparation of the paperwork.
  9. The Loading or Collection point is also vital information to facilitate shipments.
    Any Reference Nos or Order Nos that may be quoted also greatly assist us with shipments.
  10. Provision of a Contact Person can also greatly help us, to unblock any problems.
  11. Finally we would request Telephone / Contact Numbers for ALL personnel involved in the exportation/importation process to enable us to provide as smooth a service as possible.
In the event of any amendment to the bookings, the shipper must inform the Euromed office and quote the booking number and provide a detailed account of the changes. Failure to provide this information may lead to delays in releasing the equipment by the representative at the container yard and subsequently delay shipment.



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