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UK Importation

Key factors influencing Importation of goods into the UK are highlighted below:

a) Trade with countries outside the European Union

All goods imported into the UK must be declared to HM Customs & Excise for the assessment of duties and other levies. This is the responsibility of the importer, however as an appointed agent, Euromed™ would be pleased to declare the goods on your behalf.

b) VAT, Duty Levies and Surcharges

You are liable for VAT, duty levies and surcharges which must be paid or deferred before imported goods are released by customs.

c) Trade within the European Union

Since January 1993, member countries of the European Union (EU) constitute a single customs area which allows for the unrestricted movement of the majority of goods and services between member states. This means that most goods imported between countries of the EU do not need any accompanying documentation, although import licenses may still be required for certain goods. As no documentation is required, statistical information on intra-EU trade must now be provided by importers, on a quarterly or monthly basis depending on the level of business.




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